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Easter Bunny Shaped Stud Earring Blanks

Easter Bunny Shaped Stud Earring Blanks

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Get creative with our Easter Bunny Shaped Mini Jewelry Blanks! Each piece measures 7mm(W) x 12mm(H) and is 1/8" thick (about 3mm). These laser-cut earring blanks are perfect for DIY jewelry making and are just the right size to create little stud earrings. These little cuties are available in a wide variety of acrylics (including glitter) and two wood choices - solid cherry hardwood and baltic birch. You can also use these blanks in other crafting projects like scrapbooking, trinkets, embellishments and much more.

I do not mask my blanks. It will take more time to peel off the masking than to do a quick sanding (wood) or a wipe-down with an alcohol swab (acrylic). Masking can also make wood "splinter" occasionally as the masking will stick to the wood a bit too much. Not masking my products also enables me to inspect the finished pieces before shipping to ensure there are no knots or scratches on the wood or acrylic.

Other Important Information:

No two pieces are alike when selecting wood, and color may vary slightly due to the wood's natural grain and color variations. These are unfinished blanks, so the wood pieces will need to be sealed prior to finishing your item. Suppose you want to keep the natural wood look. In that case, I recommend quickly cleaning and sealing your pieces to preserve their lovely natural wood appearance! When creating my own finished items from these pieces, I lightly sand them and then brush off any excess dust before applying paint, stain, or sealant. Sanding is also a great way to soften wood grains before painting or staining to provide the smoothest coverage.

Swipe through the photos of this item for more details and examples!

Each piece is carefully laser-cut in our little shop in DFW, Texas.

All Gems & Timber materials are purchased from other USA-based small businesses, and our cherry hardwood comes from a sustainable source here in the USA. We offer a wide selection of jewelry supplies and wood blanks to create earrings and accessories.

**Our designs are our original hand-drawn designs and are not to be copied or used to make silicone molds that will be offered for sale. Please respect our intellectual property by not stealing our hard work. You are, however, welcome to create any products for sale using our items; as long as our products are not replicated in any way.

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