Special Notes & Cleaning Tips


Each piece of wood is laser cut and engraved using all-natural solid cherry hardwood. There are no stains or chemicals or glues applied to them. They are simply sanded smooth before being placed into the laser. This means there can be some variance in color or grain. There might even be a little knot or a random visible wood grain in there sometimes! No two pieces of wood are exactly alike.


Wood: The wood will naturally have some slightly tacky residue on the top surface (sometimes a bit on the back too). This is completely normal and is due to the moisture inside the wood when it is cut with the laser. It's not necessary to remove it, but if you do decide to clean it off, it's easy! A simply plain alcohol wipe will remove the residue easily and it dries fast enough to prevent warping the wood from moisture.

Acrylic: Acrylic pieces will typically be shipped with a protecting masking on the pieces. This prevents scratches and damage to the acrylic while laser cutting. The masking is easy to remove and can simply be gently peeled up from the edge. For engraved masking, we recommend using an alcohol swab to saturate the top layer of the masking for super easy removal.


**More info and tips are coming soon!