How I stain and seal my wooden blanks

How I stain and seal my wooden blanks

 I put together this little "how to" video to show how I sand, stain, and seal my wooden plant marker blanks (the same method I use for jewelry charm blanks). I provide a list of all materials I used in the video as well.

In order to ensure your finished jewelry or home decor pieces last for years to come, it is important to seal each piece of wood thoroughly before use. This will protect the wood from moisture and humidity which will cause damage or warping over time. I personally use a poly based sealer on all of my products and let them cure for a minimum of 48 hours before using. Some people prefer mod podge, others prefer shellac. It's all about personal preference though!

This is how I personally sand, stain, and seal my pieces, but there are SO many options available! Feel free to be creative and figure out what works best for you to create the products in your own style. There are no set "rules" for how to finish wood pieces, so let your creativity have some fun and try out new things! :)

xoxo - Amber

Here's a link for each product I use on Amazon. You do not have to buy them there and I am not an affiliate, so feel free to shop somewhere else for similar items if you'd like!

Toothbrush (if you don't have an old used one available to recycle)

Super Fine Sanding Discs

Sanding Block
(I used a rectangle one in the video, but my husband recently bought me this one and I LOVE it)

Blue Shop Towels
(I use these because fabric versions tend to make the wood splinter unfortunately)

1" Sponge Brush for dabbing and spreading stain & seal

Behr Antique Walnut Water-Based Stain and Poly in One

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